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Medical Surveillance

Medical surveillance refers to the conduct of health testing and the analysis of health information (and test results) to identify whether hazards in the workplace are affecting the health of employees.

In Ontario, Medical Surveillance programs are specifically required for employers who use substances regulated under the Occupational Health & Safety Act and its Designated Substance Regulations.

WMMII PARTNERS with other companies for X RAY component who are providing mobile and on-site medical surveillance programs for employers, WMMII Partners with other companies or testing units and traveling nurses to conduct the required employee health testing right at the workplace, thus saving employers significant costs in downtime and employee time away from work. We become the partners of the team who complete surveillance programs for:

  1. Asbestos
  2. Benzene
  3. Lead
  4. Mercury
  5. Silica
  6. Isocyanates
  7. and all other designated substances

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WMMII services are also provided to urgent patients on weekends and holidays.

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